Geopark Community Fair #HighIsland and #KauSaiVillage

15 DECEMBER 2021

Hong Kong Geopark organized community fairs in High Island and Kau Sai Village on the weekends of Dec 4-5 and 11-12, respectively. Participants enjoyed a deeper understanding of the community, geology, ecology and cultural characteristics of the Hong Kong Geopark through the journey.

Geopark Community Fair #KatO and #ApChau

30 NOVEMBER 2021

Hong Kong Geopark organized community fairs in Kat O and Ap Chau on the weekends of Nov 20-21 and 27-28, respectively. Various public activities include guided tours, traditional cultural performances, and different types of workshops and games. These events are ideal for the whole family participation. Participants could have a deeper understanding of the community, geology, ecology and cultural characteristics of the Hong Kong Geopark through personal visits and experiences.

Earth Science Workshop at Hong Kong Science Museum

14 NOVEMBER 2021

In the workshop, the geopark staff used visual presentations and rock samples to make a lively explanation of the rocks. Participants of the workshop can touch various rocks, feel for themselves, and understand the different types of rocks. They participated enthusiastically in the interactive game. Participants also asked questions on the spot and interacted with the staff.

Hong Kong Geopark in the Eyes of a Master Photographer

10 OCTOBER 2021

“Hong Kong Geopark in the Eyes of a Master Photographer”, the last chapter in our Hong Kong Geopark public talks, was held online via Zoom because of adverse weather. We are grateful to International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2020 Mr. Kelvin Yuen for sharing his photography expertise and experience, as well as giving us a premier of his yet-to-be-released new work ― the “Hong Kong Geopark” series.

We are delighted with the success of the Hong Kong Geopark public talk series. Thank you for your support and engagement.

Geopark Public Talk #4 and #5


The 4th public talk on "Custom and Cultural Heritage of Geopark Communities" and the 5th public talk on "Collective memory of geopark communities" have been successfully held on September 12 and September 26 at the lecture hall of the Hong Kong Science Museum. Thanks to Prof. Liu Tik Sang, Associate Professor, Division of Humanities, Director of South China Research Center, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the village heads from Kat O, Ap Chau, and Lai Chi Wo took us into the Hong Kong Geopark community and learnt about local customs and dialects, such as the Hakka people and the fishermen . The life anecdotes and interesting stories told by the village heads are fasinating, allowing the public to have a deeper understanding of the rich rural cultural heritage in the geopark community.

New launch of Kat O Heritage Trail


Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark launches the Kat O Heritage Trail in collaboration with Kat O Village, further promoting the history, culture and intangible cultural heritage of Kat O and offering an in-depth travel experience to visitors. The trail was planned on the basis of the existing footpath, with the 27 interpretation panels along the route. The trail connects many important historical and cultural relics, guiding visitors in exploring different attractions on the island for a better understanding of Kat O.


Roving Exhibition #3 at MOSTown, Ma On Shan


The third stop for our Hong Kong Geopark 10th anniversary roving exhibition was just staged with great success. The exhibition has drawn more than 10,000 visitors to date, and the interactive games, geopark check-in points and postcard stamp collection scheme continue to be hot favourites. We are confident that this roving exhibition has helped raise interest in Hong Kong Geopark for more potential visitors.

New Look of Hong Kong Geopark Website


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark, we made a new look to the geopark website, streamlined the design and navigation, and integrated frequently used content, so that everyone can use mobile devices or computers to browse the geopark webpage anytime and anywhere to obtain useful information and plans for a journey to discover the world-class natural scenery of Hong Kong.


Roving Exhibition #2 at Olympian City 1

14-17 AUGUST 2021

The second Hong Kong Geopark 10th Anniversary Roving Exhibition drew to an end with great success in mid-August. It was great to see so many new visitors, and we were particularly thrilled to see some old friends who came out to support us once again after seeing the first show. We’re so pleased that the roving exhibitions have done so well. If you missed the first two shows, there’s still time to catch up. The next show is coming to MOSTown on 2 to 5 September. Mark your calendar and see you there!

Public Talk #3 - The Story of Hong Kong Fossils

8 AUGUST 2021

Dr Michael Pittman, Hong Kong’s renowned fossil expert, hosted a talk in the Lecture Hall of the Hong Kong Science Museum. He led us on a journey back to prehistoric times to learn about Hong Kong’s geological vicissitudes over 400 million years and visit various paleontological species that once lived in Hong Kong. The response to the talk was overwhelming, and we had quite a few young participants. We are so thrilled to see that kids in Hong Kong are interested in fossils. We hope this talk satisfied their curiosity.

Public Talk #2 - The Secrets of Hexagonal Columns

1 AUGUST 2021

In easy and simple language, Dr Denise Tang explained the cause, manner, scale and course of the eruption of Hong Kong’s prehistoric volcano, and the formation mechanism of Hong Kong’s hexagonal rock columns. Dr Tang’s presentation enriched the geological knowledge of the participants and kindled great interest. Many participants raised questions, which were answered one by one in detail to satisfy their curiosity. Hong Kong’s hexagonal columnar rock is just one of numerous geo-wonders on planet earth. Curious? All these mysteries are waiting to be explored.

Public Talk #1 - Rediscover Hong Kong Geopark

25 JULY 2021

What else is Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark famous for besides the signature hexagonal rock columns in Sai Kung? Five seasoned geopark guides were pleased to present the geo-attractions and share their impressions of Hong Kong Geopark. There were interactive games to give participants an immersive experience of the geopark, leading them on a virtual tour of sedimentary rocks in the northeast New Territories and Sai Kung’s volcanic rock landforms, as well as the unique wildlife species and colourful local heritage in the two geopark regions. We hope the “Rediscover Hong Kong Geopark” talk gave everyone an in-depth picture of Hong Kong Geopark.

Roving Exhibition #1 at Domain Mall

24-27 JULY 2021

In late July, thousands of people visited our first four-day Hong Kong Geopark 10th Anniversary Roving Exhibition. The visitors had great fun playing interactive games, taking photos at virtual geopark check-in points (with virtual geopark background images), and collecting postcard stamps. We were thrilled to see this debut event enjoy such success. Don’t let the fun stop. The next exhibition will be at Olympian City on 14-17 August. It’s a date! See you there!

Community Seminar and the 10th anniversary programme

11 JULY 2021

Hong Kong Geopark hosted a 10th anniversary celebration programme kick-off ceremony cum community seminar at Hong Kong Science Museum on July 11. All the geopark stakeholders and cooperation partners participated in the event, including geopark communities, non-government organizations, and related government departments. Many of the participants shared their experience in recent cooperation projects with Hong Kong Geopark, and provided valuable opinions and constructive suggestions. The event strengthened communication and cooperation among geopark stakeholders. This exchange of experience and ideas will definitely enhance the sustainable development of the region.

Interactive Showcases ― Discover Hong Kong Geopark

April to June 2021

The exhibition is jointly organised by the Environmental Association Tai Po Geoheritage Centre and the Sai Kung District Community Centre, with support from the AFCD. Exhibition panels and rock samples are on display to present some of the attractions of Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark and visiting routes to provide a general picture of the geopark. Geopark guides will provide interpretations to visitors during the exhibition.

Hong Kong-Hațeg UNESCO Global Geoparks Youth Online Communication

May 2021

A collaborative effort was launched in May 2021 by Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark and Hațeg UNESCO Global Geopark, in Romania, to arrange a three-week online exchange activities for young people in the two areas. It is a great way to broaden our students' knowledge, perspectives and vision, They have learnt about each other's geoparks, city, lifestyle, culture, history and language. To these two groups of young people, who live five time zones apart, it was really a new and extraordinary experience.